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about us


Hi, I’m so happy you visited today, let me share with you my vision for “The Dog Knows”.

In 2017 I started a business called Little Paws Children’s Dog Training Navan, where I worked with children age 7-15 to train their dogs in order to help them build a stronger bond with their family pet. Throughout this time, I watched wonderful things happen for the children, the dogs and the family, it was a pleasure to watch them grow together.

However, as time went by, I noticed that many of the same frustrations for people were often caused by a lack of knowledge and understanding by us ‘hoomans’ through no fault of our own, after all we speak ‘English’ and dogs speak ‘Dog’. This poor communication I believe plays a big part in why sadly we see so many beautiful dogs end up being surrendered to rescues or something much worse.

I saw the possibilities of what might be if we were all better informed, I saw the potential for more compassion, understanding and love for our ‘best friends’ and so in 2020 “The Dog Knows” was born.

Its main focus is educating, primarily young people (but there is something for everybody – why should anyone miss out on the learning and fun), through practical training workshops and sessions where they will be coached about positive reinforcement, effective communication skills, understanding and respecting body language, training tips and techniques, social skills, taking responsibility, empathy and many more valuable and essential life skills.

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