Puppy Start Right Programme

Puppy Start Right Programme

Certified under the Karen Pryor Academy

For new puppy owners, attending a well-run puppy socialisation class may be one of the best things they can do to support their puppies’ behavioural development. Unlike humans who have a long socialisation period dogs only have a short time frame which occurs within the first four months of their life. For some puppies not socialised during this period the result can be upsetting with dogs displaying difficult behavioural problems including fear and anxiety.

A 5-week x 1-hour session to ensure you consider and support your puppy through its socialisation periods. Essential work completed in the early days will go a long way to supporting your puppy in becoming a calm, confident and happy canine.

This helpful and supportive programme includes a primary orientation session, followed by 4 weekly topics: Week 1: Heath and handling; Week 2: Wheels and Children’s Toys; Week 3: Obstacles and sounds; Week 4: Costumes and appearances.

* Programmes can be adapted to include focused, elements of learning if required.

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